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In article , Max Demian
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My LG television records to a USB hard drive provided that I use a
specific USB port and I allow the TV to format the disc before first

Windows won't then recognise the disc as anything other than
"unformatted". Linux will read the disc but I can't make any logical
sense of the folder structure or file names, and my version of Linux
Mint doesn't know what to open the files with.

That's how it's supposed to work. It isn't designed to allow recorded
programmes to be transferred to another device.

I'm curious about the phrase "Linux Mint doesn't know...".

That may just mean the filer doesn't know what program to launch and ask to
take them for input.

IJJ: Have you tried getting VLC or similar to run them? Or see if ffmpeg
can make any sense of them? They may just be relying on 'obscurity' rather
than being encrypted/scrambled in some way.


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