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On 22/01/15 20:54, Dave Liquorice wrote:
On Thu, 22 Jan 2015 20:02:37 +0000, Indy Jess John wrote:

When we bought our Panasonic recently, the sales droid assured us

could record to USB.

My LG television records to a USB hard drive provided that I use a
specific USB port and I allow the TV to format the disc before first

That is how our Panasonic works as well, to a USB HDD. Tries 1 GB USB
memory stick "This device is not supported". Same stick but accessed
via the Viera Tools plays the content already on the stick.

Yup. mine plays fine, too.

I have a relatively ancient 21" LCD elsewhere in
the house, with a hard disk recorder built in. I
can copy recordings made on that to a flash
card (via a USB adaptor).

The main Panasonic TV will recognise the card,
either via the same USB adaptor or directly
plugged into the SD card slot it has. If the TV
is on when you plug the card in, it switches
straight over to the media manager screen. The
card is 8GB, formatted as FAT32 on a Linux box.

Despite having a red, Record button at the bottom
of the handset, the Panasonic refuses to record
on the card, and appears to have no menu options
for erasing or formatting it from the TV. I
haven't tried using other filesystems - that
might work, but nothing is greyed-out either.

I think the 'transport' buttons are mainly for
controlling a separate recorder over HDMI. They
provide incomplete control for our Toshiba HD-DVD
player (frustratingly it won't let you navigate
menus), and they also do play/pause/fast for