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Default Satellite sockets that aren't F-plug sockets

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Just come back from trying to fit a satellite dish to my parent's new
house, which was fitted with TV cables and sockets by the sparkies but no
dish. Didn't install the dish, by the way, but that's another story.

What surprised me was that where I expected to see sockets for F-plugs in
the wall, with their sticking out screw barrel, the sockets were flush
like a Belling-Lee (which they definitely weren't). In the centre was a
pin, i.e. it was male, which was quite thin but hollow. The inside of the
barrel might have had very fine threads, but I don't think so.

Seeing as they wouldn't take my F-plugs, even a push fit one, the best
solution was to whip it off and fit another socket, but I an curious to
know what those sockets are called and whether they are reckoned to be
better than F-plugs or not.


I still want to know what these mysterious sockets are. Can we get back to
the OP question. please?