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Default Satellite sockets that aren't F-plug sockets

Off on another tangent. When I was younger and before we had colour tv
officially in the UK our labs had imported some American TVs and had
modified the decoders for Pal etc. I was rether mystified to see that the
aerial connectors were just two in pins, ie balanced 300 ohm connector type
Do they still use this standard over there or are they all coaxial now?
I can recall many uk tvs like battery portables had this as well and usally
supplied a balun for use here.

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What gets me is the amount of UHF radio kit (mainly for amateur use)
that has a SO259 for its aerial socket. PL/SO259 is only rated to

Yes, it's odd. They are also colloquially known as UHF plugs!

When that name was applied, almost anything that was best conveyed via
coax was considered as UHF (ie RF not much more than 30MHz).