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Default Last night of the proms - HD sound out of sync

In article , Andy
Furniss [email protected] wrote:
PeterC wrote:
On Sat, 13 Sep 2014 21:40:02 +0100, Jeff Layman wrote:

Just watching the Last Night of the Proms. Lip sync is definitely out
on BBC1HD, but ok on SD. Sound slightly leads video.

This is with a Panasonic PVR DMR-HWT130. Anyone else notice this?

Katie Dereham did apologise for problems with sound early in the
evening. This was recorded via Freesat on Hummy PVR.

Maybe the lipsync/quality issues later were the result of the
panic/workarounds that were needed to fix the initial glitching.

I only recorded the first few minutes of BBC2 HD and SD for geek reasons
and the HD sound was ruined by constant glitching.

FWIW I was occupied with other matters last night. So I've recorded the
SDTV BBC1 Freeview second half, but ignored the first half on TV as we now
get the dumbed down 'Scottish Last Night' on BBC2. Plan to listen to the R3
320k stream during the week. Our internet connection isn't reliable enough
over the weekend to listen without breaks.


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