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Default Last night of the proms - HD sound out of sync

On 14/09/2014 08:52, Brian Gaff wrote:
Yes, I can imagine. the answer of course is to buy a pair of binoculars, set
up your hd huge screen facing a window, and move away with the sound up till
the image and sound match.

Serwiously though, maybe there needs to be a new knob for the folk who view
hd, called Sound delay.

It's not usually a problem. My Humax PVR does make provision for it
though - not with a knob but with a menu item which allows you to
specify "Lip Synch" in 20mS increments.

What was odd about last night though was that the loss of synch only
seemed to occur when Roderick Williams was singing - as though his sound
was being processed in a different way from all of the rest.
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