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Default TOT Those new light bulbs.

Woody wrote:

Just hope that you have no AM listeners or radio amateurs nearby as
they create horrendous RFI

Evidence? Or hearsay?

and are known to flicker in the presence
of RF (they are diodes after all.)

Don't understand that. Why would RF make them flicker? These things
run at 240V and several watts - what kind of RF would be required to
make one flicker? Naaah - doesn't sound realistic. Especially when I
tell you the next bit.....

I was reading an article about them in a techie mag recently (Elektor,
EPE? - can't remember). The power supply circuitry is unbelievably
simple: a capacitor and a full-wave rectifier, basically; little or
nothing else. So, nothing to produce any RF. This is completely
different from CFLs, which have a tiny SMPS inside them, so surely
*they* are the ones which will produce RF.