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Default TOT Those new light bulbs.

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Apologies for raising this here, but I don't know
another forum where the topic might get taken seriously.

These new light bulbs - the ones with the little
bulb inside an old style casing - seem to blow
very quickly. They don't seem to last anything
like the promised coulple of years.

Or have I just been unlucky?

PS You can get previous Euromillions
results on TVE Internacional text page 472.

Presuming you mean halogens - usually rated about 20% less
than the GLS equivalent, i.e 48W halogen for a 60W GLS? They
should last better and longer than a conventional bulb.

It is unlikely you have been unlucky assuming you are buying
a decent brand, so there are two options: either you have
very spikey mains, or you have poor quality light switches.

In terms of the latter, a halogen bulb has a relatively high
inrush current when first switched on. If your switch
contacts are old and/or bouncing (and possibly arcing) it
can easily blow such a bulb. Try changing one switch where
bulbs regularly fail for a good brand such as Crabtree or MK
and see what happens.


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