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Default Soft BBC - AGAIN

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message
Yes, its ridiculous as often there is war footage on other
channels during the day, like Yesterday where there is mass
killings and injuries, so are wars OK if the majority of the
people are not known persons?
All they need to do for new viewers is warn about it for
goodness sake.

I'm also a bit unimpressed by the statements you hear before
the shots of press conferences of may contain flash
photography. well um, its a press conference, what might you
Like may things, tv broadcasts should all contain the warning,
may contain nuts, usually in charge of the scripts.

I also have to laugh when it says later on at night contains
strong language and adult themes from the start. Not really
that helpful.

Embarrassing bodies it seems contains full or partial nudity
and scenes of medical procedures, Ah, I'd never have guessed
Its even more obvious on stations like Really where a similar
announcement about medical procedures occurs when the
programme has the words surgical, medical, or similar in their

I just wonder if there really are such clueless people out
there, or if its just some kind of perception by broadcasters
that their viewers are all thick as a brick.

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