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On Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:41:02 -0000, "MikeS"

I appreciate your knowledge of TV aerials and distribution systems and
value your relevant posts as well as your web site. However, I wish
you could restrain yourself from using the newsgroups to post
your views on hundreds of other topics.

Why not send them to the Daily Mail where there will find a vastly
greater appreciative audience?

Whilst I am a little sad to see Bill's postings gradually changing from
the technical to the political, the overtly off-topic ones are generally
preceded by the OT tag that we all recognise. It is therefore very easy
to avoid reading them. As to the bandwidth issue, the cost or time to
download the thread titles will not be measurable.

Accepted. Just that he keeps going so often to the same few wells. Just
seems daft to me.


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