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On Sat, 16 Nov 2013 12:17:14 +0000, Bill

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I've seen this sort of thing kill off a previously viable newsgroup.

If you want to see a case of this then is a perfect
example. A case of the idiots have taken over the asylum. A real shame
and a situation that does the original purpose of the group no good what
so ever.

Someone thinks they are among friends and turns in into more akin to a
blog. And many who previously read it and occasionally contribute stop
reading it and look elsewhere for somewhere to talk about the things they
are interested in. Especially so when the OT stuff may offend.

I'm personally not against the occasional OT from a regular - but when the
same thing gets repeated over and over again it is both annoying and

I am of the opinion that it does no harm, providing it is in moderation.

We are a relatively technical group, but it is good to get to know one
another to see each others strengths and weaknesses in life as well as
just in digital tv. As long as the OT posts do not take over to the
determent of the groups original purpose I see no harm in them.

What DOES irritate me is when, in some groups, a sensible question is
asked and within a couple of replies people have drifted away and
started talking about their dogs latest ailment etc. Now that should be
stamped on and the offenders sent away to a cold, deserted, island with
no internet access for life.

If we all met up in a pub the conversation wouln't just be about
technical matters would it?