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Default Falling on deaf ears

This problem with where the services are is nothing new of course. All I can
think is that the plans were drawn up before the actual services were laid,
and as we all know when they do come to lay them, they often are forced to
change routes due to even older services or other problems underground.
around here when the cable company first laid its trunking we had frequent
water leaks and power cuts and yet this estate was only finished in 1954.
It really is poor record keeping that nobody actually marks up the maps.


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"R B Burgoyne" wrote in message
I have lived id this spot in the West Midlands for 74 years, 4 days before
WW2 started, my age then about five and a half years. With no electricity
or mains water Dads business making wooden poultry appliances came to a
halt, the eleven 11 young men he had employed already called up into the
army. With two of my sisters we walked over a mile to start at a new

The pump for the well water was in the kitchen, Dad soon became annoyed at
having to back up to oil lamp in the evenings to read his newspaper. Dad
had been friends with the local Squire for many years and he came round
for chat until it started to get dark, he was surprised that Dad had not
got the electric connected. Leave it with me; within a week the wooden
poles were put in from half a mile away, this was about 1942. We had
fitted an electric pressure water system in the 1950's it worked just like
the mains water until 1959 when we were using about 200 gallons a day for
the livestock and house. The well did not go completely dry but could not
maintain the flow we required and I had to fetch the water from neighbours
farm a mile away.

Nothing concentrates the mind more when you do not have enough water for
your livestock, we then got connected to "Coventry Water" that I had
watched them install along the other side of the main road that pass's our
property. They used stiff asbestos pipes and collars lined with bitumen.
Leaks have been occurring for years and the net work is now "Severn Trent
Water" and they are now replacing it with larger bore polythene piping
using a mole and digging holes in the roadway instead using the verge.
Having come about halfway they changed to using the other side of road
verge as they closer to our property. Over years the electric Nation Grid
( 480 volts on one side) have crossed the road and poles and cables for
the local supply to our property have been placed underground along the
verge !

A few days ago I spotted two of the contractors in their hard hats
strolling along the verge I went out to speak to them I asked them if they
had realised that live cables ran under the verge there, no they did not
know that. The next day I decided to ring "Western Distribution" about
what Severn Trent Water were about to do the young man said that they had
work maps and instruments to check the route they were digging.

So yesterday the power went off just after lunch and I could see the
excavator just were I told them the underground wires started, I managed
to daisey-chain some extension leads over to my sons buiness and watch and
record some programes, a tap on the window just before mid night you are
now we have changed the phase, We have prepared a generator so your sons
buiness opperate with the 3 phase supply.

The costs must be considerable

Bill Burgoyne