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Default Digital Switchover + Ariel

Scott wrote:

From what I hear this is presenting its own challenges, with some
people receiving signals from several transmitters and not always
having the strongest signal the one used. I received signals from
three different transmitters and each device coped with the situation
in a different way. One (Sony, I think) allowed me be to choose the
transmitter (although the names presented were not exactly helpful).
On two others I had to find out the appropriate channel numbers and do
a manual scan for each channel from the chosen transmitter.

The name the latest Sony TVs show you is the regional ID that your main
station injects.
Any relays of that main station, carry the same ID, and therefore the TV will
still only be aware of one region. However, I had a play with a Sony TV in
Leamington Spa recently. There the relay provides just as good a signal as
Sutton Coldfield. Running a rescan only resulted in one set of channels being
stored, the TV totally ignored the relay station. If I tuned manually to it,
it was receivable, with healthy bar graph readings.

So, either the TV figured out Sutton C was providing the best quality signals
(that's where the aerial is directed towards), or because SC is lower in the
UHF band, it found it first, and simply ignored the local relay. I'd love to
try a situation where the 'unwanted' is below the 'wanted' but carries the
same ID !

I wonder how many people are tuned into a distant transmitter and
thinking the reception is worse now than it was before the

Quite a few I suspect !

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