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Default No waterproofing on the f conn and no cable clips?

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Firstly there are 4 bolts although the one does appear to be missing
and yes you are right I forgot to tape the f connector, but then it is
solid cable, not air spaced. The house is surrounded by high trees,
there was no option but to put it on the chimney, so you never forget
to tape a plug, you never under any circumstances bolt a dish to a
chimney, well I wish I was as f**king perfect as you! How about
getting a life instead of nit picking at others, I guarantee all my
work, I honour every single guarantee, promptly, recalls are rare but
I bet even you mr perfect get one or two? Up yours!

Unfortunately some people spend a lot of time slagging others off
in this group. Bill often goes on about going out to correct aerial
installations and how a lot of people are cowboys. What he has NEVER
done is name any company he claims have corrected work for. Not

The absurd laws in this country as they are at the moment mean he is wise
not to name and shame.

once has he said anything about work installed by other companies
because they would sue him. I don't believe how perfect Bill is either,
he sounds like he wants everyone to think he is. We are all still
waiting for the many names of companies that have installed unsuitable
equipment that Bill has charged to "correct". I think it will be funny to
see someone we all know about on ROGUE TRADERS! Let's see
how perfect those claiming to be really are.
One day Bill, you will upset the wrong people.


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