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Default Faking SCART pin-8

Roderick Stewart wrote:
In article , Paul D.Smith wrote:
I have a Nintendo Wii which does not drive the pin-8 select pin on a SCART.
It's otherwise a standard RGB wired cable. Is there any simple way to
fake/drive pin-8 using a SCART socket/plug plus a few components?

Yes, you need a 12V battery, and if you're feeling safety-conscious, a 10K
standoff resistor. I made a BNC to SCART forced-input adaptor once using one
of those tiny 12V batteries they use in car keyfobs, and built the battery
into the plug. I don't anticipate it will ever need changing, as the Pin 8
input hardly draws any current. Lower voltages will work, but 12V is needed to
ensure it switches to widescreen. If you don't want to remove the SCART plug,
I don't see any reason why you couldn't extend the wire to an external 12V
source with a switch.


I think you will find that 6v (4.5-7v) switches to widescreen, but yes a
10K resistor would be a safer option as you say.

For the others mentioning using other scart sockets to drive it, TV
scarts are normally 'control inputs' so have no output voltages. Scarts
sockets, while bi-direction for CVBS and audio, are directional for
control and S-video/RGB signals.