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Default Faking SCART pin-8

In article , Paul D.Smith wrote:
I have a Nintendo Wii which does not drive the pin-8 select pin on a SCART.
It's otherwise a standard RGB wired cable. Is there any simple way to
fake/drive pin-8 using a SCART socket/plug plus a few components?

Yes, you need a 12V battery, and if you're feeling safety-conscious, a 10K
standoff resistor. I made a BNC to SCART forced-input adaptor once using one
of those tiny 12V batteries they use in car keyfobs, and built the battery
into the plug. I don't anticipate it will ever need changing, as the Pin 8
input hardly draws any current. Lower voltages will work, but 12V is needed to
ensure it switches to widescreen. If you don't want to remove the SCART plug,
I don't see any reason why you couldn't extend the wire to an external 12V
source with a switch.

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