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Default Faking SCART pin-8

"Paul D.Smith" wrote in message
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"Paul D.Smith" wrote in message
I have a Nintendo Wii which does not drive the pin-8 select pin on a
SCART. It's otherwise a standard RGB wired cable. Is there any simple
way to fake/drive pin-8 using a SCART socket/plug plus a few components?

Paul DS.

I wired one of these up myself once - I purchased a battery holder for a
6v lighter battery, soldered the negative power to the SCART lead earth
and the positive first to a simple push-button 'door-bell' switch and
from there to pin 8. Pushing the switch made the TV switch to the SCART
However this was only needed because the crazy Toshiba CRT I was using
had no method of manually selecting an input - surely there are no such
models around now?

I was hoping there might be a more automatic method, perhaps drawing power
off the various other lines available in the SCART. It's an interesting
idea though and far simpler than the hoops I sometimes have to go through
at present.

I suppose I need to take a good look at the Wii SCART socket and see which
pins are actually present and wired up - if it's possible to tell

This gives quite a good description:

It seems pin 8 needs 6-12V but I don't think any of the other pins have that
sort of voltage level.

Whatever you, it might still involve some sort of manual intervention, so
you might as well select this input using the TV remote.