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Default Faking SCART pin-8

"Paul D.Smith" wrote in message
I have a Nintendo Wii which does not drive the pin-8 select pin on a SCART.
It's otherwise a standard RGB wired cable. Is there any simple way to
fake/drive pin-8 using a SCART socket/plug plus a few components?

Paul DS.

I wired one of these up myself once - I purchased a battery holder for a 6v
lighter battery, soldered the negative power to the SCART lead earth and
the positive first to a simple push-button 'door-bell' switch and from there
to pin 8. Pushing the switch made the TV switch to the SCART socket..
However this was only needed because the crazy Toshiba CRT I was using had
no method of manually selecting an input - surely there are no such models
around now?