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Default Seriously OT - primarily for Bill

Bill, and fellow climate change sceptics,

Did you watch the Andrew Marr programme this morning? Nigel Lawson has
written a book questioning the science and politics of global warming. I
mention this because I know that Bill, myself and several others here are
sceptical about the issue ("bad science and hysteria", to quote Bill).

Bearing in mind Lawson has had other books published already, and is a high
profile figure, he couldn't find ONE publisher in the UK to publish the
book! In the end he had to find a publisher in America to take it on.

I went to WHSmith this morning, but there's no sign of it there (although
they are famously selective about what they will carry).

They didn't mention the title but a quick search on Amazon brings it up....

An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming

I've pre-ordered it. In fact there are quite a few other
interesting-looking books questioning the science and politics of global
warming - they are listed in Amazon in the "other readers also bought..."