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Default Humax 9200T menu question

Max Demian wrote:

"John Hatpin"
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Any other Hummy users come across this?

Sometimes, when I go into the menu and select 'Record', and get the
usual options ...

1 Recorded Programme
2 Recording Schedule
3 MP3
4 Digital Album
5 HDD Control
6 Recording's Start Time
7 Recording's End Time

... options 3 to 7 are unavailable? It happens to me from time to
time, then corrects itself the next time I come to look. The machine
isn't busy recording or anything, and there doesn't seem to be any
pattern to this.

I've only had this when it's recording. I expect it does it when it's
suffering from the "thinks it's recording" bug, but that can only be
corrected by a power cycle. The next time it happens, check if "Picture in
Picture" works - the failure of this (when it's not recording) is a sign of
the bug.

Hmmm - it goes away after a while without power-cycling, or even going
into standby. By the time I got round to checking picture-in-picture,
the problem had cleared itself.

It's no biggie - it's an occasional probem, and I only use those
options from time to time to check HDD space. I was more puzzled than

Thanks anyway.
John Hatpin