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Default Recording Freeview on IDTV to DVD Recorder

There are DVD recorders with a digital tuner, but there are also hard
disk recorders, which means you don't need to worry about finding
blank media. They're often referred to as PVRs - Personal Video

Some of these units have two tuners, and may even be able to record
two things at the same time, along with other fancy tricks.

Others, at the cheaper end of the market, have only one. Since you
have a TV with a digital receiver, you could save money by going for a
single tuner PVR, and it would work, on its own, in much the same way
as your video recorder, ie recording from its own built in tuner.

The disadvantage is that you'll be juggling two remotes, just as with
a VCR. So, some people opt for a twin tuner PVR, even if they have a
TV with a digital tuner, and end up watching everything via the PVR,
so there's only one remote to deal with.

Even if budget is tight, you may still be able to find some twin tuner
units that are around the same price as single tuner ones.