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Default LCD TV picture quality

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If I am watching a channel that is also
broadcast on Digital Terrestrial then that's where I will watch it,
(on my TV at least) the quality of the DTV picture is significantly
than the same programme via Sky.

If you see a noticable difference between satellite and terrestrial
versions of
the BBC, ITV and other common channels I would suggest that this is due
to your
equipment. Could be that either the output from a STB is wrong - or the a
socket on the TV is wrong.

(Leaving aside compression artefacts)


Michael Chare

The STB is a brand new Sky HD box and I'm using the HDMI output to feed my
brand new Sony Bravia kdl40x2000. There is nothing wrong with either, as
far as I know. I've tried using the SCART link as well - it's exactly the
same. And, for good measure, I have to say that DTV pictures on my old SONY
WEGA 32 inch tv with built in DTV tuner were better than the Sky+
equivalents as well. As far as I'm concerned it's an observable fact that
Sky picture quality is not as good as DTV on the major network channels.

Surely both the Sky and DTV data streams are compressed? I'm not sure how
we can "leave aside" these artefacts - especially if they result in a poorer
picture from one source than the other. Is it not these artefacts that
cause the difference?

I was just trying to make the point that if you disregard compression artefacts
the pictures should appear the same!


Michael Chare