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In article , Tim..

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Ok, That little lot has explained afair bit.

I think I shall test out a 3 or 5 bar Yagi from the afforementioned firm
pointed at sutton (we have line of sight, despite the distance) on its
fly lead for the moment. Then possibly go to the extreme of combining it
with the DTV signal down the same cable.

Run separate cables if you can.. combine if you absolutely cannot!..

Can you say where you are or postcode even?..

Postcode - SY7 0HJ - South shropshire, not far from the powys border nr

Nice location:-)

Bill - For TV / DTV reception we have - 18db W aerial, on a 3m pole, and a
mast head twin output 16db amp. Can get most of the DTT channels, and
terestial thats perfectly watchable, but slightly grainy.

So less FM aerial could be better? What would you suggest??

Seems your on the fringe for most stations certainly Sutton Coldfield
but go for an external 4 or 5 element good grade satellite type CT100
cable and I reckon that should do the bizz.....

Bloody awful location for any decent TV reception!!

I was thinking along the lines of the Triax 4 element FM aerial here


Good choice .. but get the Five if you can and the cable CT100 or
equivalent. When you come to put it up get it as high as possible and
try more than the one transmitter!.....
Tony Sayer