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Netherlands ends analogue TV
12 December 2006

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands ended transmission of "free to air" analog
television on Monday, becoming the first nation to switch completely to
digital signals.

Few Dutch consumers noticed, however, because the overwhelmingly majority
get TV via cable, AP reported.

Only about 74,000 households relied on TV antennas, although 220,000 people
had an "occasional use" set somewhere such as in a vacation house, camper or

The bandwidth formerly used by analog has been licensed through 2017 by KPN,
which will use it to broadcast digital television. Nation-wide coverage is
planned for 2007.

Under its government contract, KPN must continue to broadcast three
state-supported channels and several regional public broadcasters free of

But it can use the rest of the open bandwidth for a package of other
channels comparable with cable. Consumers must first buy a tuner to decode
the new signals.

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