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Default Telewest's French channel - any good? Need a channel for learning French.

tenby wrote:
Hi I'm learning French and want a French TV channel.

Ideally, I want French subtitles (designed for deaf French people)
since this is great for learning when the words are too fast to
follow, but you still want to try and understand in French.

Sky have such a French channel that looks pretty good for learning.

But I'm with Telewest (phone and broadband) so it's easiest to go with

I believe Telewest do have a French channel you can sign up for.

Can anyone tell me anything about it?
Do you get an option for French language subtitles?
Anything worth watching?

cheers if you can help


If you're already with Telewest and you want other digital channels as well
as the French one then you may as well stay with them. To get the French
channel you need to be on the top package which costs 17.50 per month i.e.
210.00 per year.

If you have no need of the other pay TV channels in the package and you're
happy with the digital channels you can get on Freeview or even on
Telewest's 'free TV' package then, as others have suggested, an FTA
satellite setup would be the way to go.

Even if you had to pay an installer you'll probably get a fixed dish system
pointing at Hotbird and Astra 1 for around 200.00 all in. Then you'll have a
multiplicity of French channels to choose from, as well as lots of other
interesting foreign stuff, and the cost will be a one off.

The French channel on Telewest (TV5) is very good and there's loads to
watch - like you I use it to improve my French and they do have a superb
range of French films and TV progs which are taken from French domestic
output. Their current affairs progs are also very interesting and a useful
counterpoint to the pro-USA, pro-Israeli slant we seem to have on British

TV5 is also free on Hotbird. French Subtitles are normally burnt into their
films but you can also get their Teletext service which carries subtitles.