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Default Telewest's French channel - any good? Need a channel for learning French.

"tony sayer" wrote in message
In article , Steve Terry

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Hi I'm learning French and want a French TV channel.
Ideally, I want French subtitles (designed for deaf French people)
since this is great for learning when the words are too fast to follow,
but you still want to try and understand in French
Sky have such a French channel that looks pretty good for learning.
But I'm with Telewest (phone and broadband) so it's easiest to go with
I believe Telewest do have a French channel you can sign up for.

TV5, same as on Astra2 (what you call sky) you want to pay Telewest for

Wouldn't you be better off putting up a used dish

Steve Terry

With an old analogue system, or buy one over in a Calais hypermarket you
can have five free to view French channels!....for free

To get colour you would need a SECAM enabled TV.

There are FTA digital versions of many of these analogue channels where you can
see the colour with a PAL satellite TV receiver. Hopefully there will be a
digital version of TF1 in the near future.


Michael Chare