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Default Telewest's French channel - any good? Need a channel for learning French.

Thus spaketh tenby:
Hi I'm learning French and want a French TV channel.

Ideally, I want French subtitles (designed for deaf French people)
since this is great for learning when the words are too fast to
follow, but you still want to try and understand in French.

Sky have such a French channel that looks pretty good for learning.

But I'm with Telewest (phone and broadband) so it's easiest to go with

I believe Telewest do have a French channel you can sign up for.

Can anyone tell me anything about it?
Do you get an option for French language subtitles?
Anything worth watching?

cheers if you can help


Sky don't have any foreign language channels, however there are a few
foreign language channels on the satellite the Sky channels are on. (A
clue 99.9% of Sky channels have the work Sky in them. Don't get
brainwashed into thinking satellite means only Sky or means Sky).

If you want French channels get a satellite box (not a Sky dodgy-box),
dish and point it at a satellite French channels are broadcast on.