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On Sun, 5 Nov 2006 12:52:11 +0000, David Pratt wrote:

Same problem with EPG on my PVR7280 here with version 0.4.5 firmware.

Does anyone know how to feed back problems to Sagem without having to
call their 0905 77 48 081 premium rate phone number? When all said and
done, reporting problems should be doing them a favour.

I just called Sagem tech support (0871 0750710) regarding the EPG. They
said it has been reported by several others following the upgrade and that
the EPG should sort itself out after a few days _if_ the box and the EPG are
used suffciciently. Failing that they told me to remove the aerial and
power it off for half a day then see if the EPG functions correctly.
I was curious why it should need to be disconnected for so long and asked if
it cached a copy of the EPG and was told it does not. I'll see how it looks
in a couple of days.