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Default How will it happen? Anologue off, digital on?

"David" wrote in message
There is a great thread going on digital high power.
But I'm wondering how it will happen.

Take Emley Moor for an example.
Present high power anologue, possible reduction in power nearer we get to
switch off in order to make the equipment last untill switch off day.
Present low power digital transmitters.
Future new high power equipment supplied, does it get tested once
installed? ( would present anologue/digital go off for these tests.)
At say midnight on the appointed day, the anolgue/digital go off and the
new digital go on?

I must admit its sounds dodgy doing it all at once. I think it would be more
sensible to switch off BBC2, C4 & C5 a year earlier that way the consumer
knows their time is up. Also three muxs could be running at full power. And
on BBC1 and ITV1 there should be annoying DOG counting down days to the
switch off date.