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Default Lidl Satellite reciever etc. from 28th August

In article ,
Paul D wrote:

...snips.. any case, you will end up with an additional 57cm
dish + mount, a digital (analogue) satellite audio beep
and visual locator, as well as an inclusive 20 metres plus
of quality cabling together with a complete set of
F-connectors and silicon rubber seals - all of which you
might well need anyway (and which probably will cost near
enough a Maplin 20.00gbp extra) - as well as having the now
spare, new if albeit single, (if it is), quality LNB to hang
onto yet another box in the not too distant future...

Good idea Bill!

Thank you )

I was browsing various satellite websites last night and I'm getting more
and more interested in the whole thing. I was pleasantly surprised at how
well-priced dish motors are, so another scheme I thought of was this: buy a
pre-configured motorised dish kit (typical price for 80cm dish plus motor
and all mounting parts is around 70 pounds) and use the dish kit with the
SL65. This would give me a fully motorised setup with a good sized dish for
110 pounds!

Yes ..I've a friend who's presently doing the same thing.
The dish is the same as the LiDL dish and the motor,
(perhaps Chinese), is a really solid, quiet and useful
looking affair.

Unfortunately the box, a German Lemon(!), isn't anywhere
near as well-sorted as the SL65. It certainly doesn't
have USALS - or, if it does, it's stuck in some really
inaccessible menu that we haven't been able to get at!

Sort of defeats the whole purpose when you have to manually
tell the thing to move to the satellite of your choice...
...still, 'nuff said. LiDL's SL65 seems to be a breeze in
comparison - unless anyone has had other experiences... ))

I could probably bring that price down to around 100 pounds by buying the
Lidl 85cm dish and then buying a motor and other bits separately, but by
buying the motorised dish kit from one supplier at least I know it will all
work together.

Not enough experience here, (how did you guess!), for
me to make any judgements about 'pre-configured' satellite
dish motors et al.

The 'pre-configured' bit sounds as if it's for people
who already have (usually expensive) boxes bought a
few short years ago, that don't have the benenfit of
USALS or Technomate's 'Blind Search' facility on board.

Their box can move the dish - but there's no facility
to update that part of the box's (hardwired?) software.

Nowadays, it's normally the box that has all the software
onboard to generate all the movements of the dish
least at the level we're talking about. You centre your
motor on the (perpendicular, or else!), mounting pole -
your dish aligned on the motor shaft and, Hey Presto!..
with a LiDL bit of luck, things will happen!

It's through the box that you tell your dish the latitude
and longitude - to 0.1 or finer decimal - where you are on
the planet - and then which satellite it is pointing at.

With luck - and USALS (or even 'GoToX'), it will then work
out where everything is for you - and move things auto
when you order it to by selecting another channel...

You will probably have to set your East and West limits,
so that you don't knock-off your neighbours chimney pot,
or stick the LNB arm up Dick van Dyke doing a, 'Bedknobs
and Broomsticks' impression just outside your window.. )

If I bought the SL65 I'd get the kit for 59.99 as you suggest.

Difficult to know, really - but ..whatever.. get down to
your local LiDL /early/, grab a trolley and jam it up
against the entrance door so that you're in first - the
rush to the stack can be just like Harrods New Year Sale!

Grab /everything/ first - and then work out what you
really need in a quiet corner. Only then approach the

...btw.. 'early' mean really, really early. At our LiDL
here we've had queues of 200/300 pensioners, (I am one
of them for my LiDL satellite bits - and other desirable
excellent quality/value goodies), almost an hour before
the store opening time - remember, this is a Bank Holiday
weekend ..just like the very same New Year Sales...

Perhaps quietly reconnoitre your local store near closing
time on Sunday before anyone knows what you're up to... all adds to the fun ..and to the excitement of

...good luck! )

Bill ZFC

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