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Default odds and sods about the 7 day freeview epg trial

On Tue, 06 Jul 2004 10:24:11 -0700, Microwave wrote:

Is there anyway to get the streams off the box without going analogue?
From what I understand the Sky+ will has an optical out, so in theory
you can dump to a DVD recorder (not optimal because you mightn't
always want to waste a DVD to get your data off but at least you can
archive your favourite films to a medium).

Not with the twin, unless you want to whip the HD out, and mount it in a
linux box... and then try to suss it out (as I recall it was a std
dos-like partition table, but I wasn't sure what the filesystems were, let
alone how to start whipping the data out of them). It probably isn't hard
for people who are more paitient and less lazy, but it's still a faff.
I'd want to modify the box to make the HD removable too, if I were doing
that on a regular basis...

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