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Default sky plus questions....

the dog from that film you saw wrote:
happy with my tivo but the idea of dual channel recording appeals to me so
i'm thinking of getting one - probably in addition to the tivo.

does the sky plus output s-video? - in the form of a s-video out plug? - and
if so will it work at the same time as the rgb scart? - i'm thinking for
purposes of digitising stuff.

has the program guide been sorted? - i used to hear stories of dissapearing
season passes etc.

anything else i need to know? -anyone who has moved from tivo to sky + have
any unbiased comments as to user friendliness?

There's an interesting thread on the Tivo Community forum where some
chap who moved from Tivo to Sky+....but is now moving back because of
the issues, check it out here