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Default Tivo IR blaster directly into NTL IR input socket?

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 14:05:48 -0000, Jon Skeet wrote:

The Tivo IR blaster output and my NTL receiver (Pace box, can't
remember the model off-hand) IR input sockets are both effectively mono
headphone sockets. The NTL IR box says it has a 5v maximum input, but
I've no idea what the Tivo IR blaster output is.

The IR sockets on the back of NTL STBs are not enabled.
DO NOT PLUG MONO JACK INTO THEM - you will at best crash the box and at worst damage it as you will
short out the 5v supply on the centre sleeve.

Does anyone know if these should work together? I would imagine if they
do, it would be significantly better than relying on the NTL box front
plate sensor.

The only way is to use an IR transmitter to the front receiver. For a 1000/1010/2000 STB you need
either the Tivo dongle or a Red-Eye translator (