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Default Buying a Freeview PVR --- Which? Are Pace as bad as they sound?

Ric wrote:

"Patrick Navin" wrote in message

Right now the choice is the Pace Twin or the Humax P8000T. Both are in
the shops, prices are about 229 for the Twin and 180 for the Humax.
The Twin has two tuners so gets my vote.

Am dubious about Pace as my NTL box is pretty crap but I hear good things
about the twin. Just one question, does it allow you to record from any
other sources or will it just do the digital stream? I quite like

the idea
that I could record the odd thing off cable (I know I would have to

the channel myself). Is there any Scart/Analogue ability?

(It makes it much easier to follow if you snip and bottom post)

No, there's no analogue recording available - only bitstream from the
internal tuner


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