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Default Buying a Freeview PVR --- Which? Are Pace as bad as they sound?

"Patrick Navin" wrote in message

Right now the choice is the Pace Twin or the Humax P8000T. Both are in
the shops, prices are about 229 for the Twin and 180 for the Humax.
The Twin has two tuners so gets my vote.

Ian, I was in two minds for weeks trawling the newsgroups and forums. You
end up convinced that the Twin is inoperable.

I've just bought one after discounting the Humax as it didn't even seem to
be able to play and record and it required an 'experiment' from a Humax
engineer to confirm it did. The Pace seems to have a hell of a following.

I've only been using it a few days and 'it just bloody works' despite having
the original software. This weekend brings an over air update.

If you wnat one now the Pace is 'OK'. Quality is great and time shifting is
great. The other posters have said what the issues are. If you don't want
to buy yet then spring, maybe summer will bring 2-3 boxes. I find the 10
hour record time is a little restrictive but to be honest most programmes
are watched and dumped and I can archive to DVD or record straight to DVD
from the same aerial so it's a minor point.