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Default Buying a Freeview PVR --- Which? Are Pace as bad as they sound?

"Ian G Batten" wrote in message

My gut feeling six months ago was that I wanted a Pace Twin Digital.
But ince then, everything I read about it says that the software is as
buggy as hell, regular updates haven't fixed the serious problems, there
are hardware modifications required (the ``audio buzz mod''), the ones
on sale still have March's software even though there's a six week
update cycle, etc, etc. In short, the classic British ``ISO 9001 ---
We've Heard Of It'' attitude to quality. I gather there's an update due
out this weekend, so if I move quickly I could spend 210 quid and take
pot luck on the software. But do I want to buy a box whose
manufacturers appear to struggle to support it?

I have the Pace Twin and although there are bugs in the software, I find these
fairly minor in normal operation. I would certainly not call it "buggy as hell".
The major ones (like the soft focus in the centre of the picture) have been
sorted with the last update and there is another update due on Saturday 13th

It all comes down to what you expect to do with it. We do a lot of time-shift
viewing because we're out a lot, and for that it's ideal. The ability to program
weekly or daily repeat recording for a set number of episodes is great. The
quality is good (much better than VHS) because it records the incoming data
stream, so the pictures off the disk look identical to ones received off-air.
The twin tuners are an excellent idea, and so is the ability to pause live

The EPG is rubbish, but that is not Pace's fault - Freeview don't transmit it.
In the 3 months that I've had the Twin, it has locked up twice (required to pe
unpowered and then powered up again) but it has never lost a recording or failed
to record.

The 10hr disk size is not too much of a drawback, and you can always incresase
it if you feel so inclined - this has been documented here some time ago.

Maybe other users have had bad experiences, but as I say, in normal day to day
use, it is perfectly satisfactory.