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"Mr Balloon" wrote:

Yannick wrote:

In short as long as Tivo provide an EPG then Tivo will carry on in the
UK and there is no sign of them stopping the service.

Thanks for that Angus & Yannick.

Do these Tivo boxes work with Sky? I know about Sky+ but to be honest, I
hate Sky with a passion, I'd be happy with Freeview. My girlfriend pays for
the Sky, but if I were to fork out for a Tivo, it would have to work with
the Sky I guess.

The TiVo will work with UHF analogue signals via its in-built tuner,
and with anything which can be input via a scart socket - so, yes, it
will work with a sky decoder. I, like you, hate Sky so use one of my
TiVos with Freeview (the other is still using only its in-built tuner).

The major benefit which Sky+ has is that it records the digital stream,
exactly as received. The TiVo can only cope with an analogue input, so
digital transmissions go through an additional A-D, compression, and
D-A process by the time you come to watch them.

If only the TiVo software was available in a Freeview PVR which records
the digital stream as received ...

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