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Default Best Freeview box - advice sought

"Dave" wrote in message
Alien Zord writes
I think he's just making a comment about one of the many bugs in
MS Outlook Express. His .sig is demonstrating that bug in all

glory. If you were using any other newsreader other than MSOE,
you wouldn't have seen anything other than a line of text,
starting with the word begin.

I don't thing Laurence is using MSOE, more like Netscape 4.x

I didn't say he was. I said you are.

In which case can you re-read your original answer and explain who is
"making a comment" and which bug exactly is it?

Do you not understand English?

I see, English. Confusing "he" and "you" you classify as understanding
English. Oh, well, then I shall leave you alone because arguing with
someone with suspect logic is not my "cup of tea".