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Default Best Freeview box - advice sought

Scott wrote:

Apologies if this question has been asked already but my searching activity
did not come up with anything.

I'm looking for a Freeview decoder for a present. Would you suggest
Thomson, Grundig or Pace? I've heard that the Pace has a tendency to become
very hot. The idea of buying a British product has some appeal - Thomson or

French or German? .....

I have the Thomson and find it more than adequate. It's reasonably
sensitive, picture and sound quality are good, and it's fairly fast in
operation. It's got two SCARTs, audio phono, and RF out.

Downsides are the lack of front panel display (although you have got
front panel power and channel buttons), a sensitivity to impulse
interference, and a tendency (at least on this one) for the data
channels to get confused, so that the BBC Radio slides don't appear
and sometimes channels that use the same datastream appear under the
wrong number (BBC3/CBBC, for exaple). I suspect this is due to
interference pickup.

The handset will also control a Thomson TV and DVD, but not VCR.



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