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Freeview is region specific. If you live in Scotland then you will only
get Scottish BBC. I live in East Anglia and get BBC East. This is
because the freeview feed is taken from the output of the local TX.
On Sky the cards are Post code specific.

This goes against what Phil said, as I understood it (no offence
intended to either of you). Is this an ongoing argument, or does
someone know for sure? I only want English BBC, not NI or Wales...but
I don't mind paying for a Sky setup, if I'm guaranteed English
BBC...if the cards are post code specific, can I get one sent from
England (again, the rep said no, a card from a wrong postcode will
mean the receiver shuts itself down, when the "signal" comes in with
the six o'clock news, that tells the box which area it's in).

First of all, unless you're in a border area covered by an English transmitter
forget DTT/Freeview, it's location specific according to your local transmitter,
like the analogue network.

All 'national' and regional BBC variations are available on Digital Satellite,
the BBC now transmit unencrypted on a Free-To-Air (FTA) basis, these channels
can be received without the need for any sort of smartcard or Sky digibox. If
you're simply interested in BBC and other FTA channels you can buy a plain old
DVB-s box without having to bother with Sky at all (BSkyB don't own the
satellites or the standard) :-

Note, ITV/C4/five are still encrypted and now require a basic Sky subscription
along with a Sky digibox. Free-To-View cards are no longer being sent out and
the future of existing cards is in doubt.