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Default TOT: CEE17 socket

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On Saturday, 6 January 2018 20:39:06 UTC, Woody wrote:
I need a blue CEE17 (BS4343) mains inlet connector (i.e. a trailing
socket) with 90deg cable entry.

Walther Angled Connector cat No 316306 , possibly obtainable from
CEF on special order

You could buy from France. We are still in the EU.

Part J161 from (Trade, any auto
electrician should be able to order)

Thanks all for the replies.

The Amazon item is what I want and appears to be the J161 of the thrid

The 'French' item is the same as sold by Towsure but ofr some reason
that I cannot afthom it has a Schuko socket in the back of it!

The ones I have seen in France actually look something like a
multi-outlet LNB - a blue connection section with a vertical 'box' for
the power cable.

Harrogate may not be an industrial centre but we have five or six
electrical wholesalers plus Screwfix and Toolstation, so I'll keep my
fingers crossed!


harrogate3 at ntlworld dot com