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Default iPlayer needs an aerial?

I'd imagine it has to have a signal or maybe be tuned in. perhaps if its
tuned in the shop then not used on an aerial it might work then?

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On Thu, 4 Jan 2018 17:52:24 +0000, Bill Wright

Today we had a customer who said that iPlayer wouldn't work on his
Polaroid TV without an aerial being connected. Sceptical, we tried
ourselves. He was right. Every other catch-up service worked but not
iPlayer. When iPlayer was attempted a message came up saying that the
aerial had to be connected.

Paul googled and found this:
It's a quirk of Vestel's software apparently, so as well as the TVs they
sell under the branding licensed from Toshiba it can affect TVs they
made for other retailers and brands are well. JVC, Finlux, Hitatchi,
Celcius and Polaroid would be some of the more common brands you find
their TVs sold under, but there are many more.


Does the aerial cable need to be attached to anything? Is it purely
the connecting that resolves the issue?