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Default This 'new channels' game

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The main thrust
of 'advertising' isn't so much to persuade someone directly to 'go
and buy' so much as simply to maintain "Brand Awareness" in the
mind of
the "Valued Customer" (aka, 'Valued Resource') so that when they
wandering the aisles of their favoured group of chain stores, they
be more likely to purchase the advertised "Named Brand" than a "No

The problem with that is when you get people like me. I remember the
and the product but rarely the brand: I remember "that was the
advert for
chips" but I've no idea which brand.

So the advert may make me think about buying chips, but I may
equally well
buy a competitor's brand :-)

Maybe I have become more cynical with age, or maybe today's adverts
become too clever by half, but I can remember more brands with
adverts from
the 1970s and 80s than I can with today's adverts. "For Mash get
Smash" and
the aliens, "Graded grains make finer flour (Homepride), "You can't
fitter than a Kwik Fit fitter".

There's also the "not *this* sodding advert *again*" factor which
makes me deliberately buy a competitor's product because the advert
has become annoying.

ISTR that the aliens advert was one of if not the most successful ad
ever made.


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